TOWN OF ULSTER, N.Y. – Fala Technologies hopes to offset the impacts of a difficult labor market and shortage of workforce affordable housing with an on-site apartment for interns and apprentice employees.

The proposal is scheduled to be reviewed during a 7:10 p.m. July 21 public hearing in Town Hall on Town Hall Drive.

“I am thrilled that the town of Ulster in 2020 changed the zoning laws to allow businesses to have second-floor residences,” company founder Frank Falatyn said.

“This is very strategic to my company,” he said. “We have a second floor that had been built out for offices and what is more important than offices in trying to land employees that we’re trying to hire and attract from outside the region is housing for them to be able to live in affordably.”

The proposal includes converting three offices into a room as part of a shared apartment for up to three people.

“It’s going allow us to have this as part of an offer package,” Falatyn said. “They will actually be fully employed residents.”

Fala Technologies, which has 40 employees, provides manufacturing and engineering services for advanced electro/mechanical products in the semiconductor, transportation, military, advanced energy and industrial products industries.

“The goal is to get (employees) who are just coming out of college and may have loans, so they don’t have a lot of money, to live here for a year and let them save up some money so they can move out to an apartment that they can find,” Falatyn said.

“The idea is to move them out (of the apartment) and bring a whole new group in,” he said. “Not all of them are going to stay. Sometimes they think they want to live here and decide to move someplace else, but it gives us the opportunity to get them here and give them something the some other companies can’t offer.”

Falatyn said the apartment could also be used for temporary housing if employees need assistance.

“There is one employee … and he can’t afford a car and all the insurance that goes with it because he’s support other members of his family,” he said. “We might use the apartment for that as a way to help an employee have a place, not have to worry, and move them out of a possibly bad situation.”