The Right Type of Hardware

The Right Type of Hardware : Since its founding in 1972, Croft architectural hardware has served private and public companies to meet door and window requirements. They are now an established name in the industry known for superbly crafted and engineered products at very competitive prices along with very warm customer service facilities.

Their product range is crafted from brass, aluminum, and bronze and beautifully finished to give it an eye-catching look.

Croft hardware is known for its excellent quality, many respectable houses and government structures such as royal palaces, castles and stately homes are decorated with Croft architectural hardware. This hardware ensures higher durability and long lasting service.

The Croft hardware family includes many window and door fixtures and other housing hardware. One of the features sought; they are a mix of traditional and modern styles. This includes front door fixtures, window fixtures, door furniture, pull handles, finger plates, etc. The Victorian Suite and Georgian Suite of Croft Architecture hardware represent traditional art and craftsmanship within.

Door furniture and hardware including door knobs, handles, flush pulls, locks, latches, letter plates & letters, door knockers etc. It also includes hardware for sliding doors like ducts and hinges etc. Other accessories for the home also include hat and coat hooks, door holders, cab latches, bolts, etc. There is also a wide range of window fittings and shutters from Croft architectural hardware which includes casement and sash window fixtures. ;

The Georgian and Victorian Croft range of electrical fixtures is beautifully designed to give it a new look. Ventilators and signs are also produced by croft in different items. Shower devices such as knobs, hinges, pulls; handle etc. frameless bathroom door systems are also part of the Croft range.

Barn hardware is a hardware manufacturer that offers a wide variety of door hardware and other hardware. It is known for its vintage-style hardware reproduction with more power while maintaining the original vintage look. The bifold panel hardware from Stanley hardware is another multi-utility piece of hardware for sliding doors and pocket doors. Renowned for their high quality and durability.

In the field of door and window hardware and fittings, wrought iron is increasingly being used because of its colonial appearance with a modern style. Wrought iron hardware has a versatile look and door handles, knobs, pull rings, bolts, etc. Gives an architectural look and even at an affordable price.

Croft Architectural Hardware is available in various finishes such as plated chrome, antique brass, polished brass, satin bra, distressed brass, pearl nickel, satin chrome, etc. Croft continuously strives to improve its quality and upgrades with innovative technology and is committed to producing quality products for the hardware industry.