The prestigious anniversary day this great country was born is upon us once again, and some people out there may be curious to know if Lowes will, in fact, be open on the Fourth of July.

Some people celebrate July 4th with barbecues, fireworks, and parades. Others might be more inclined to scratch some things off their to-do list and try to get in some repairs in between all of the festivities. And then there are some that just like to take advantage of the holiday sales and cookout gear that Lowes has in stock.

There is also the chance that something could go awry, and the only solution is a trip to the hardware store. Whatever the case may be, Lowes is absolutely clutch for most people, and rightfully so.

That is just simply one of the many stellar reasons, so many consumers trust Lowes and value the fact that it’s always there when people need them the most. So the question remains will the popular hardware store chain have its doors locked on Independence Day, or does Lowes deem it necessary to stay open to the public on the Fourth of July?

Is Lowes closed on the 4th of July, 2022?

The website for Lowes states that the only holidays they are not open land on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This most assuredly means that everyone’s local Lowes will, in fact, be open on the Fourth of July.

The normal hours that consumers are used to may be affected by the occasion, so it may be wise to call and confirm what time they will be operating during the holiday. Some places do close early, so it would be wise to check their social media or, again, just give them a quick ring to make sure.

It would seem that a lot of stores will be open on Independence Day, which leaves the possibilities pretty open for accomplishing anyone’s goals for the fourth. However people decide to spend the special event, please be safe and have a wonderful time!