No college major yet? That’s not surprising. You are doing a college search, filling out applications and figuring out the college admissions process. Who has time to pick a major? Many students go through the entire college admissions process without giving a thought to their major. Universitas Swasta di Bandung However you should put some thought into your major before you step foot on campus.

Here are four reasons for choosing your major right now:

1. Having a major during your college search can help you make a better choice.

Knowing even a general area of study, say English or mathematics, will allow you to narrow your college search. You’ll be able to eliminate colleges that don’t have the kind of programs you need. Your search will be efficient and directed.

2. Deciding on a major can help you get in at competitive colleges.

If your college search includes competitive colleges, be aware they are inundated with applications from students wanting to enter their most popular programs. If you declare a major that’s not as sought-after, you can give yourself an edge in the applications process.

3. If you don’t like the major you chose, you can always change it.

Changing your major is not like going through college admissions again. Transferring to a new program is typically easy. Also, initial prerequisite classes are often the same for many majors. You may not lose much ground if you change your mind in your first few semesters

4. Sticking with a major improves your chances of graduating on time.

All majors have a certain number of core courses. Some courses are common to all degree plans. Others are specific to your major. Deciding on a major will ensure that you maximize every credit hour you take.

There’s no doubt choosing a college major is a big decision. When filling out applications, put serious thought into your interests and long-term career goals. Declaring a major is a chance to learn more about an area that interests you. And remember: The major you choose now is just a jumping off point for the great college experience you have ahead of you