emergency loans for bad credit

One of the most frustrating obstacles business owners and startups face is lack of financial assets. Without adequate cash, everyday business operations become difficult and it is impossible to seize opportunities for further growth. For example, it can be difficult to cover payroll, increase inventory and purchase necessary equipment when cash flow is tight.

In this position, most business owners will turn to a business loan to boost cash flow and cover costs. However, for some, these efforts come to a screeching halt – stalled by a bad credit history. Having poor or not credit can make securing financial relief a big challenge. Fortunately, there are more options available today than there used to be.

These emergency loan types can help you cut through the complicated contracts, delays and rejections and guarantee loan approval. They are also available to those with poor credit, with minimal to no restrictions on their use.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is actually not a loan – it is a sale. Essentially, you are selling future sales revenue in exchange for quick capital. Your business agrees to repay a set amount of money from future credit and debit card sales, plus a fee, in exchange for this chunk of emergency cash. While they can be expensive, MCAs provide quick cash, a hassle-free process and cash can be secured even with poor credit.

Invoice Factoring

Similar to an MCA in that it is not a loan, invoice factoring allows a business to use its unpaid invoices to secure fast cash. Your business sells outstanding invoices at a discount to a factor in exchange for funds. You’re simply unlocking cash you’ve already earned but are waiting to be paid. You receive a portion of the invoice upfront, and then receive the rest once the factor secures payment from your customer on your behalf.

Short-Term Loan

Typically, short-term loans need to be paid back within one year, but there are options out there that will extend your terms to 18 or even 36 months. These products are designed to help a business get fast funds to overcome cash flow gaps or a rough patch. These loans come with fixed payments and terms, and your personal credit score will play a role in the term and interest rate you receive.

These are just a few of the emergency loan types available that allow you to secure financing with bad credit. In comparing these options, you should be able to gain access to same-day funding, even with poor or no credit history. In short, emergency loans for bad credit can help you cover costs and fuel further growth.


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