As far as the types of metal are concerned, aluminum is relatively new material. Today, it is being manufactured in mass quantity. And this production has been going on for more than 100 years. These days, aluminum alloy is used in a wide range of fields. As a matter of fact, it is the best material for many industrial applications. The reason is that it has a lot of qualities, such as good machining, reduced corrosion resistance, high strength, and excellent mechanical properties, just to name a few. Let’s find out more about the problems and solutions of what we call aluminum machining. Read on to find out.

Aluminum Machining: The Problem and Solutions

First of all, aluminum offers a number of advantages. At the same time, it has two major problems that happened during the processing phase. These two problems are the tendency of the material to stick and its high viscosity. Therefore, before you go for your desired machine and tools, we suggest that you consider these two characteristics. Let’s find out more about these two problems.


Since this metal is tough, it may become chipped during machining. As a result, the chips can become more lengthy and sticky. Therefore, they can block your cutting tool grooves. Also, they can get entangled in the tool.

As a result, the machine will start crushing the metal instead of cutting it. And the thing is that it is important when it comes to CNC machines. Apart from this, the shavings can prevent the machine from working. At the same time, it makes the cutting tool overheat and fail eventually.

Edge Accumulation

Edge accumulation is another disadvantage of aluminum during the machining process. This substance refers to the deposits that build upon the cutting edge of your machining tool. When the surface becomes hard, it makes the cutter heat up and loses balance.

In most cases, it causes the machine to get damaged. To solve this problem, you need to boost the cutting speed of the machine.


You need to take special measures in order to prevent negative effects. For example, you need to make sure that the cutting edge is as sharp as it can be. Apart from this, you must use coolant for better evacuation of chips.

If you want to machine durable aluminum alloys, you may want to go for diamond-coated blades.

If you have installed an efficient operating model, you can avoid a lot of negative effects. As a matter of fact, if the cutting speed is too low, it can make the problem even worse.

If you can, you should go for a smooth-cutting tool that can help you with machining aluminum alloys.

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For CNC machining, aluminum is the best material has it has a lot of great physical properties. For example, it offers enough strength for mechanical parts. Apart from this, it has an oxidized external layer that helps resist corrosion. Based on these advantages, this type of metal is quite popular across all types of industries. And the use of this metal is more common in some industries, such as electronics, health care, aerospace, and automotive, just to name a few.